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    Anti-bacterial , Anti-inflammatory

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    Salt Therapy

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    Exploring Alternative Therapies

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    “Salt is born of the purest parents, the sun and the sea.”- Pythagoras

  • 1949

383K Asthma Deaths Annually WorldWide

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Salt particles are anti inflammatory in nature. Specially designed salt rooms with adequate accessories and proper ventilations help allergy and asthma patients breathe with ease, without the use inhalers. With the passage of time patient won’t suffocate even when exposed to open environments

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How Can Asthma & Allergy Patients Benefit from Himalayan Salt?

Known as a non-invasive and holistic treatment option, salt therapy has been known to ease symptoms and boost respiratory and immune systems. Salt therapy is undertaken in salt chambers, which are temperature controlled rooms with walls made from salt blocks. While patients are exposed to the salt chamber environment, salt particles are inhaled, which results in reduced bronchial inflammation and mucosal build up. These effects result in easier breathing and improved respiratory outcomes.Read more

History and overview

The therapeutic effects of salt have long been believed to treat a range of respiratory illnesses. Read more


With salt-based therapy’s widespread popularity in the wellness and health, we believe building an evidence base . Read more

Respiratory Diseases

Using local resources and support, an established research project aims to conduct a methodologically rigorous. Read more

Types of Salt Therapy

Speleotherapy is a unique therapeutic treatment for various health conditions, including those which are respiratory and skin-related. By utilizing the environment of salt mines and caves, Speleotherapy functions in a an environment that reduces the concentration of irritants, resulting in masked or suppressed symptoms when patients are in its vicinity. The vital agents believed to contribute to therapeutic effects are air quality, synchronization of climate variables including of temperature, humidity and salt aerosols.read more
In contrast to Speleotherapy, which is tied directly to the microclimate of salt mines, halotherapy is the above ground, artificial adaptation of the microclimate of salt mines. The walls of a room used for halotherapy, known as a halo-chamber, are fully coated with salt. Additionally,a dry salt aerosol is sprayed in the room using halo-generators. The room also has integrated microprocessors for monitoring the climate and quantity of dry salt aerosols in the room. As is the case with speleotherapy, halotherapy is a therapeutic treatment for respiratory and skin-related illnesses.read more

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Salt Innovation is a collaborative, international research and education network focused on understanding the therapeutic effects of salt therapy for respiratory diseases. By promoting research on salt therapy, we strive towards the building of an evidence base that will improve the quality of treatment. To this end, Salt Innovation gathers expertize in the areas of medicine, public health, experimental design.